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Geographic Information Systems Training and Consultancy Services

In addition to the Geographic Information Systems projects and services, the Cyprus GIS Center aims to provide training on basic data entry, advanced spatial analysis (3D visual analyses, identification of illegal property, distribution analyses, and so on) and the development of application tools.

There is an abundance of different training activities that are geared towards the production of Information Systems. These are:

First Stage: Basic training - Geographic Information Systems data entry training (carried out directly with TRNC data)

  • Map display tools.
  • Visualisation tools.
  • Data layer production.
  • Basic drawing techniques.
  • Basic map production.
  • Data layers and database management.
  • Database production.
  • Geographic coordinate systems and map projections.
  • Geographic rectified processes.
  • Database mapping training.
  • Advanced symbology.
  • Database coversion.

Second Stage: Project-based training

  • Property management (identification of illegal property) and related application-oriented training.
  • Creation of Addressing Information Systems training.
  • Land use and Urban planning training.
  • 3D visualisation and land modelling training.
  • Distribution management and management training.
  • Training on GPS usage and the integration of collected data with the Geographical Information Systems.
  • Training on the integration of Geographical Information and Management Information Systems.

Third Stage: Training on the creation of custom GIS Applications

This type of training is conducted using open source GIS with our software specialists.

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