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Interactive City Guide
Cyprus GIS Center

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    Cyprus Geographical Information System (GIS) Center

Adress information systems

The Address Information System allows one to follow the changes in buildings, door numbers, road and street names as well as the historical changes of the district, town and county borders. Using the Address Information System and Numbering, one is able to integrate the photographs of buildings or workplaces together with visual or verbal geographical data.

City guides

The maps, property information, address information, infrastructure information, building, workplace, housing inventories and individual information in regions within the Municipal borders and all other types of relevant information are contained within this system. It will also help to create increased communication between the Municipality and its citizens.

Zoning information system

This whole application shows the structuring rules of the local government and also information on inspections online. The Zoning Information System provides property owners with information on the options available to them and on what they can and cannot do on their own plots.

Cemetary information system

With this application, citizens will be able to obtain information on loved ones that have passed away; the information will be accessible through the Internet and they will be able to see on screen and obtain printouts of maps with the road routes on them.

Infrastructure information system

This is the collection of data on drinking water, sewage and rainwater networks, both visual and verbal, and the transferrance of these to databases using the relevant software and hardware. It also helps to build relationships between the different data types and provide the means to analyse and query them.

Remote sensing services

Basically consists of the creation of land and terrain maps. It also contains agricultural fertility analyses, dam and waterbed determination, preparation of pre-inventory forest resources and similar services.

Mapping and digitisation

A quick and secure way of presenting digitised services for all types of maps or satellite images using map projection (coordinate system). CAD or GIS maps can be changed into a desired format (SPH, DWG, DXF, DGN, GEO, CAD, NCZ, UVDF, EBD, etc).

Virtual city model services

All of a city's visual objects including buildings, plots, roads and landmarks can be modelled onto the virtual stage and presented in photo realistic 3D texture.


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