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Interactive City Guides

The Cyprus GIS Center aims to provide a service with the City Guide Applications that result in both "practical and quick" solutions. With this in mind, the Interactive City Guide packages have been prepared and are both "affordable" and "quick".

Famagusta Interactive City Guide

Characteristics of the Interactive City Guides:

  • Plot number, map number, avenue/street, building door number or the ability to search for
    places of importance/interest;
  • Quick presentation of plot or property data to clients or users;
  • Publication of photographs of important locations at the touch of a button;
  • Visualisation of either 2D cadastral or 3D satellite images (using those in Google);
  • Highlighting of pharmacies on the map that are on-call on that particular day;
are but a few examples of the types of applications that can be provided.

Click here for a live demo...

The data for this type of "Interactive City Guide" must be supplied by the user. In terms of vector data, formats such as dwg, dxf, shp and ncz are supported.

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