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Real Estate Information System Project of Famagusta Municipality

Famagusta Municipality

The "Real Estate Module", which can be used on a daily basis by the Famagusta Municipality Development Unit, shows all the data that is in the construction permit folders by matching the Geographic Information Systems software with map-based images and is fully searchable.

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Basic characteristics of the Real Estate Module:
  • Data is entered in accordance with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus construction permit procedures.
  • Contains forms that can calculate all costs associated with construction permits and also the calculation of the contribution to the State from each one.
  • Shows the building photograph or the building construction license deed plan at the click of a button.
  • Queries and analises data that includes the names and identification card numbers of the permit owners as well as the plot number, map number and address.
  • Provides management of the addressing system and the changes in guilding permits in a timely manner.

Project Picture
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