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NIRAS - NATURA 2000 Project

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Management plans and projects have been prepared for the critical conservation areas within the TRNC that have been declared as "Natura 2000 Environmentally Protected Areas" in accordance with the relevant articles in the Environment Law. The required analysis and area plans for these protected areas, regardless of whether they are inland or on the coast, have been produced.

Using Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Analyses, one can:

  • Create base maps that ensure that field work can be done accurately and systematically.
  • Create environmental analyses by matching information on the different habitat types with geographic objects.
  • Create spatial analyses and environmental planning support systems using data obtained from various state institutions like the Environment Department, Forestry Department and City Planning.
  • Make spatial decisions on all habitat types including "protected areas", "buffer zones" and "areas for development".
  • Correctly identify inhabited areas on the coastal regions.

The sea cover maps and land analyses were used as a base in the creation of all the region plans with the help of remote sensing specialist Dr. Francois Smith.

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