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City Information Systems (CIS)

City Information Systems

The City Information Systems service is basically:
The entire combination of Geographical Information Systems and Management Information Systems. This entirety encapsulates the latest satellite images and maps that show all types of information about the people living in the city.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

  • Satellite image sales.
  • Ortho-rectification of satellite images.
  • Cadastral (1/500, 1/1000, 1/2500) or topographic map rectification (1/500).
  • Digitalisation of data like buildings, plot or roads using satellite imagery or other visual maps.
  • Digitalisation of cadastral or topographic maps using real digital terrestrial coordinates.
  • Preparation of Land Planning Management.
  • Digitalisation of the electricity, drinking water and sewage system networks and the creation of management modules.

Software Services

The Cyprus GIS Center develops the web and desktop software for the Geographic Information Systems. The developed software works seamlessly with Google Maps and maps created with ArcGIS. The Software we produce can be changed to include the latest technologies such as AJAX, php, JavaScript and MySQL. This helps us to produce software that is of a high performance and quality. It can also be used to search, in detail, through satellite and cadastral maps and is especially useful for the Municipal, Tourism and Service sectors. Additionally, the interface and software that we develop can be personalised according to the client's needs.

Training and Consultancy Services

Aside from the various projects and services of GIS, basic entry training, advanced spatial analysis (3D imaging analysis, illegal property identification, distribution analysis, etc) and advanced levels in developing application tools are some of the training services we provide in addition to consultancy.

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